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What PUBG (BGMI) Ban Again ? Government can ban Bgmi 2nd time in India? Pubg ban new update……….


A report suggests that we’ll find out in the next few weeks whether Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) will still be available in India or not. News18 reported that a senior official from the Union government’s cybersecurity division claimed β€œthat the agency has recommended” to ban the game for security reasons.

Is BGMI getting banned again?

At the time of writing, game is not getting banned. However, according to the above-mentioned report, the cybersecurity agency has recommended the game be delisted based on several concerns. The issues raised could very well spell the end of the popular mobile battle royale title.

What Effect this move on IGC?

Indian Gaming Community is on a growing stage and try to come on the top . The members of IGC Trying to compete on International Level and represent India. Bgmi is the most likely and supporting game in India and IGC in highly depends on pubg if any reason this game ban in India so Indian Gaming Community will be finish.

Indian streamers and gamers react to BGMI’s ban rumours !

Several gaming influencers have reacted to the rumors about game ban. On March 6, 2024, New18 published a report stating that the Union government’s cybersecurity has recommended blocking the game in India. However, the agency will meet with Krafton officials to review the data security of BGMI users. This mobile game is very popular in the country, and millions of users play it daily.

The report by New18 also mentions that the central government’s cyber security team wants to ensure that there is no movement of users’ data as the game’s servers are set in the US. Krafton will present its report on user data security to the agency, and then it will be decided whether the game will be banned.

goverment action on game is shocking !!

The government of India is all set to take serious action against Online Gaming platforms that involves betting, are harmful to users, or can be addictive. This leads to the rumors BGMI will be banned in India in again. After a year ban, the online gaming platform was unbanned just a few days back and after some time government thought to ban Bgmi again for some security reasons.

Indian Gamer’s reaction on this news…..

Dynamo Gaming said: “Unless there is an official announcement regarding the ban, I don’t want to waste my time on this. I don’t think these things are going to happen.”

Regaltos said : “We cannot do anything in this matter. We cannot give reactions after reading these reports (about the ban). We are also waiting for official confirmation like you.”

Team Soul’s esports manager, Sid, stated: The government will decide Government will decide whether sports is a problem. They will now decide and go through everything. It could go either ways, we don’t know. Why are we overreacting on these things.

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This news of a potential BGMI ban spread rapidly on social media networks as this is not the first time fans have seen similar activity by the government.

The report indicates that there will be a forthcoming meeting slated for the following week, wherein Krafton, in conjunction with central agencies, will present their case regarding the continuation of the game’s operations in India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India might be banned in India soon, following a reported recommendation from the country’s cybersecurity division. The popular game has been in the hot waters since its launch and was initially banned in June 2021. While the game was unbanned in May of last year, it seems that it may have been short-lived.

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