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What is The Grind in BGIS 2024 ? New Format For GRIND is…..


What is “THE GRIND”?

All the Gamers is so confused after listen the word “GRIND” in BGIS format. Basically GRIND is a qulifiualifiers round for Tier – 1 team to qualify in BGIS.

Grind is a completely invited tournament and in this tournament krafton INDIA invite 256 team for BGMI tier – 1 and each team play 6 matches. After 6 matches top 64 teams out of 256 teams get direct qualification in BGIS different rounds according to Point table.

What is the FORMAT of GRIND ?

In The Grind, 256 teams will be invited and grouped into 16 groups. Each group will play 3 matches in 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, based on the overall standings, the 256 teams will be grouped into 16 teams again and play 3 matches for the next 2 weeks. The Top 64 teams based on the cumulative overall standings of the 4 weeks will qualify for the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA SERIES 2024 in the following rounds.

1st –16th Ranked Teams – BGIS Round 4

17th – 32nd Ranked Teams – BGIS Round 3

33rd – 64th Ranked Teams – BGIS Round 2

What is New Point System ?

KRAFTON Including New point system in BGIS 2024 and in GRIND . According to new point system all the teams game style completely change and all the team begin Aggressive.

What is New Zone Meta ?

After 3.1 Update krafton India change zone setting in BGMI and introduced new Zone Meta. Before update hard sift come in 3rd Zone in BGMI but after 3.1 Update hard sift Comes in 2nd Zone and In last Zone circle become big.

INVITED Teams in Week 1 is……

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