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Why South Indian people think BJP government looting Tax ? NEW ELECTION 2024 BY “MODI Government”! Shocking #BJPLootingOurTax

MODI Government
MODI Government

Modi government After Summit the Budget 2024 in front of Parliament of INDIA and release fund for all States to grow our Infrastructure and development poor Area.

What the reason for people to thought TAX Looting In SOUTH INDIAN byMODI Government ?

In BUDGET 2024 Government give fund for all states for development.

According to this BUDGET Government Give “2 π™»πšŠπšŒπš” Crore” For all South Indian States But In other side government release “2 Lack Crore” For Only UTTAR PRADESH.

The difference of funds for States is main point and after knowing this thing some leaders of South Indian state doing Rebellion on there social media handle and telling to people of there state for stand against this.

The tax collection of all South Indian state is more than Uttar pradesh and The Importance of South Indian state is the golden way for INDIAN Economic growth and Development.

What PM MODI said in Parliament about next election’s ?

In latest meeting of parliament Modi talking about his goal in next electronic and telling of his thought for Indian growth and development by modi government.

Future  election goal

PM Modi said in Parliament that His goal for next election to win with 400 Seats and making his government 3 time in a row. Confident of securing a massive majority in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Wednesday, outlined his vision for his next five-year term, saying the Modi 3.0 government will put all its might to strengthen the foundation of ‘Viksit Bharat’ or a developed nation.

β€œThis is Modi’s guarantee,” he told legislators, citing the speed of work in the country that gave him confidence this target would reached within the next five-year term if the NDA wins the national election.



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